How are introverts and extroverts coping in lockdown

Introverted behaviours ie people who have a preference for less people interaction or will be quieter than extroverted behaviours will be more suited to the lockdown and more comfortable to operate with less interaction studies show. Extroverted people will have found the lockdown more of a challenge if faced working remotely with less than normal […]

How to positively return to work after lockdown

The last few months have been challenging for us all and we have had to make extreme adjustments, we now live in a different world with unanswered questions about our future. safety and your wellbeing is a priority. Night always follows day, we need to get back to some sort of normality inclusive of our […]

How to keep yourself positive and motivated during lockdown!

How are we all coping during this lockdown? It is important that we look after ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, you must remember to be kind to yourself. At Innermetrix UK we believe this is a good time to form some wellbeing habits that can stay with you and serve for when we return to […]

Innermetrix Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, Australia

Innermetrix keeps developing new partnerships down under, Allan Miller MD IMX International is actively building long term relationships in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane Australia. Heading up the thunder from down under is Russ Wylie, who is the Master distributor for the three regions, Russ is doing a fantastic job of building a team of highly […]

When there is inequality when finding quality!!

What do you need to do when you have challenges with attention to detail and quality? I recently created an article talking about Natural and Adaptive behaviours and the merits of finding alignment to your natural behaviours usually to assist you with performance, reduces stress and so on. What happens if we are in a […]

Why Do People Behave In A Certain Way?

Why do people behave and make decisions differently? What decisions are made when expressing behaviour?  Anger happiness, sad etc Decision making is a process where three dimensions come into play, emotional ,  practical , & systemic thinking and at Innermetrix we go deeper into the decision-making process normally assessing 6 dimensions of thought have a […]

The Need For Clarity And Confident Decision Making

Innermetrix was on tour today at West Lothian college at the interrupt 19 digital conference, we were proud to attend. The theme was to support 250 students with their choices however the theme was around Cyber security with loads of speakers and workshops sharing knowledge on a hot topic, it was superb. The other exhibitors […]

IMX France

We are pleased to invite you to the 4th Innermetrix International Conference, hosted by IMX France on October 7th & 8th 2019. For us, it is very important to create open spaces for the exchange of experiences and professional achievements around an action that unites us: the use of Innermetrix talent assessment tools as an […]

What a difference a week makes !!!!

Last Friday Innermetrix UK enjoyed the hospitality of Haggs Golf Club for the Annual Spirit Aid Golf Day hosted by Pat Rolink. The Team consisted of Giles Plenderleith, Allan Miller , Bryan Wharton and George Cummings. The rain stayed off until the 16th hole and then the heavens opened up but didn’t damage the score of […]