Servant leadership really works!!!

Leadership is an art and takes a special set of skills and awareness to engage effectively, put it this way when you are a leader you don’t have down day!! This means that others have certain expectations of you, and you need to deliver consistently.  This strategy can be learned and embedded at Innermetrix UK […]

Home working, yes or no????

Recent studies have shown a differing opinion regarding home working has worked in some instances but not in others with companies looking at cost-cutting and even reducing headcount. The COVID scenario has forced our hands to do things differently including a spotlight on homeworking in terms of keeping jobs open and the economy working, in […]

Let Innermetrix turn your challenges into a positive

One of Innermetrix UK Mantras is self-awareness and how authentic you are to these capabilities, in fact if you are self-aware you can turn a negative situation into a positive situation, it is only a habit but starts with awareness It is really about the pessimistic viewpoint versus the optimistic viewpoint, many studies have been […]

Discover your superpowers and be the best you can be!!!

The first step to personal improvement is to know thy self!!! There are many ways of assessing this via benchmarking, At Innermetrix UK we help you discover your superpowers we do this 24/7 and 365 days a year!!! This is only the starting point though, so what is the next step? A personal development plan […]

Let change your life in these uncertain times

Innermetrix UK have been contacted by many of you in recent times regarding the stability of your working lives, some of you are asking questions, is my jobs safe? what will I do? How will I pay my mortgage? and so on. What if? Seems to be the most common phrase just now. There is […]

Be kind at work!!!!

The world is changing with different situations mostly driven by Covid-19 and initiatives such as black lives matter, we have also been told lately to “be kind”. What does this mean? Are we kind to others, are we kind to ourselves? How do we do this? WOW! There is lot going on just now and […]

How are introverts and extroverts coping in lockdown

Introverted behaviours ie people who have a preference for less people interaction or will be quieter than extroverted behaviours will be more suited to the lockdown and more comfortable to operate with less interaction studies show. Extroverted people will have found the lockdown more of a challenge if faced working remotely with less than normal […]

How to positively return to work after lockdown

The last few months have been challenging for us all and we have had to make extreme adjustments, we now live in a different world with unanswered questions about our future. safety and your wellbeing is a priority. Night always follows day, we need to get back to some sort of normality inclusive of our […]

How to keep yourself positive and motivated during lockdown!

How are we all coping during this lockdown? It is important that we look after ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, you must remember to be kind to yourself. At Innermetrix UK we believe this is a good time to form some wellbeing habits that can stay with you and serve for when we return to […]