Are your talents enhancing or hindering your business success?

Are your talents enhancing or hindering your business success?

How do we ensure we identify and manifest our real talents creating real outcomes?

At we are experts in people and talent dynamics and can easily help you achieve ALL of the above with  our carefully aligned strategies to you.

I recently read brilliant article by the amazing Tony Robbins who said that the most painful mistake he says is that just having a business plan, or a great concept is NOT enough to guarantee success.

Does this apply to you ???? it’s a common mistake, how many of you have a business plan and think you have arrived?

Why doesn’t this work?

Well Tony is on the ball as usual and says that business success is 80% psychology and 20 % mechanics, the old 80/20 rule again!!

I totally agrees with Tony it’s all technique and strategy in my opinion, it’s all in the HOW.

We know why we are doing it!

We know what we are doing!

We just need to work on the How!

Most of us weren’t born into running our own business or choosing what we wanted to do at an early age we arrived there through the evolution of decisions and life scenarios so therefore our psychology wasn’t aligned at the outset, it has to be prepared and developed.

This means that you MUST be honest with yourself first and foremost and clearly knowing your objectives and benchmarking your talents honestly , skill gaps can be taught, enhanced or whatever but you must understand sometimes you might just need to realise that some of your aligned talents lie elsewhere, that can be overcome. Few people are ready for the emotional challenges that success brings due to their psychological approach. For example, you wouldn’t be a scratch golfer without coaching or many hours on the practice tee! Why do this in your business?

Success is NO accident

In summary this requires an emotional and psychological investment in YOU and this starts with you first step, the talent benchmark against your business  journey planner , at Innermetrix we can help you with all of this, give us  a call and start that journey!!

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