When there is inequality when finding quality!!

What do you need to do when you have challenges with attention to detail and quality? I recently created an article talking about Natural and Adaptive behaviours and the merits of finding alignment to your natural behaviours usually to assist you with performance, reduces stress and so on. What happens if we are in a […]

Are your talents enhancing or hindering your business success?

How do we ensure we identify and manifest our real talents creating real outcomes? At https://innermetrixuk.co.uk/ we are experts in people and talent dynamics and can easily help you achieve ALL of the above with  our carefully aligned strategies to you. I recently read brilliant article by the amazing Tony Robbins who said that the most painful […]

How to manage your talent effectively?

Talent management is about validation and increased awareness of your natural talents over and inclusive of your adaptive talents. Firstly, you need to find out what talent lies beneath the surface using reliable validation methods and tools.  The next step is what to do with this talent, is it good enough just to be aware? […]