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Understanding You

How Do You Get The Best Out Of What You’ve Got?

There are three distinct styles of decision-making. The Personal, The Practical & The Analytical. Each of us can make decisions in these three ways but we tend to develop a preference for one, more than the other two.

Understanding how and also why, we think and make the decisions makes the difference between being efficient, productive and valued…..or not so. What Innermetrix UK does is use leading edge tools like our Attribute Index to identify your preference for decision making, your strengths and both your personal and professional attributes or capabilities.

Talent Management

The Attribute Index is the worlds most advanced Value metric instrument that scientifically measures an individual on 77 business related attributes or soft skills.

We use the Attribute Index by customising its index around you or your role. The findings are extensive and allows organisations to measure their staff’s competencies and align them to the requirements of the job. This is the most accurate way to answer the questions of “Where is my talent?” and “How do I know?” It’s like having a toolbox that includes the tools you are comfortable with, and the ones that need sharpening!

Developing Talent

Once you have identified where the talent is and you measure how effective that talent needs to be, is when you connect with our online blended learning solution called Career Evolution.

We firstly use our Attribute Index to identify competency levels. We consolidate and reinforce the good and help you target what you need to develop and succeed in your current roles in life. This form of executive coaching performed through Career Evolution ensures the development and growth happens for you, with you, and very deliberately, by you. If you’re going to be in charge of something, then be in charge of yourself!


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