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What is coaching?
Coaching is a profession that has synthesized the best practices from management consulting, psychology, business and philosophy to create a benefit for an individual who is interested in improving their performance, satisfaction or success.
Why Does Coaching Work?
There are lots of ways to improve performance, from reading books to practice and experience. Of all the ways to move you forward in any area, research has shown that coaching creates the most significant and sustainable improvements. The reasons for this are due to three unique factors:
Who Works with a Coach?

The typical person who works with a coach has changed much in the last 10 years. Where coaching used to be reserved for top corporate executives only, its effectiveness has caused a much larger variety of individuals to make coaching a core part of their personal development work. Today, a wide variety of people from corporate executives, to stay at home mother’s partner with a coach to help them be more successful in whatever endeavour they have.

Coaching clients are typically people who find themselves in a role that they do not feel is as true to their talents, preferences and passions as they would like. They feel unfulfilled or dissatisfied in some way and need a process that will help them change their life to allow them to be more successful, more fulfilled and more satisfied.


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