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We are proud and excited to launch the new IMX accreditation for DISC & Values for all independent coaches, trainers and consultants. It simply could not be easier to get access to IMX world-class tools & profiles for your business. Simply visit our dedicated accreditation website www.imxme.com to register or download our brochure to learn more.

Our online automated program will do the rest, complete your training at your pace, super flexible 24/7 access, our program is designed to give you guidance throughout this accreditation and on completion, welcome you to the IMX family around the world.

Be part of a network and give your business a major differentiator in this new normal world …start your journey of discovery that will not only change your life, but you will be able to make a real difference in other peoples lives.

How to become a values accredited professional (AVP)

How to become a disc accredited professional (ADP)

Client Testimonials
I loved the training and everything was very good. Description of the key concepts of the application to the manner in which the trainer managed the queries all was very good.
Fantastic learning. Great mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and lots of fun too.
Leadership Trainer
Excellent profiling system to give an impressive new offerings once trained. Profiles can be used individually as well as combined-very helpful. A huge thank you.
Training Company CEO
New Zealand

The New Normal

At Innermetrix UK, our tools and methodologies are capable of measuring human performance and in doing so making the intangible, tangible. We allow individuals, businesses and organisations to gain a greater understanding and insight into their most valuable assets, people. Contact us to explore the various ways in which we can make human capabilities tangible including the ability to measure 77 different talent capacities.

Understanding & Appreciating Human Behavioural Tendencies

Innermetrix UK deliver world class methodologies to increase self-awareness and authenticity.
– What talents do you have?
– What are your non-talents?
– Do you have redundant talents?
– Do you maximise your talents?
– Do you spend too much time applying yourself to non-talents?
Getting this right and being effective in doing so can transform individual performance and fulfilment as well as producing revolutionary results within a business or organisation.