Why Do People Behave In A Certain Way?

Why Do People Behave In A Certain Way?

Why do people behave and make decisions differently?

What decisions are made when expressing behaviour?  Anger happiness, sad etc

Decision making is a process where three dimensions come into play, emotional ,  practical , & systemic thinking and at Innermetrix we go deeper into the decision-making process normally assessing 6 dimensions of thought have a look at our website for more information:

Have you ever tried to understand why someone arrives at a decision?

What about your siblings? You may come from the same womb, grow up in the same environment but have radically different views on the world and your decisions making can be an opposite!!! Wow

Why is that?  Allow us to give you the answers to these questions. We know why?   We can assess your thinking and decision-making styles and raise awareness to help assist this serving your work and life decisions and ensuring you achieve the best in every situation.

What are snap decisions and high velocity moments?

in simple terms this can be described as your emotional and intellectual decisions working together at short notice, depending how strong in one dimension determines how clear you see that picture and that decision is then made!

What about “thinking about thinking” and slowing the whole process down, how does this serve you?

Allow us to take you through this process and give you phenomenal understanding and education that will change your life.

If you want to understand HOW your decision making is serving you and HOW to get the best out of your decision making, simply give us a call, our expert staff are waiting on your call.

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