Introverts can win too!!!!!

Introverts can win too!!!!!

During this period of lockdown, a lot of us are changing habits and spending time at home, some are working from home some are not however we have seen a shift in behaviours during this period especially in terms of behavioural motivation.

Innermetrix UK has the answer to all your questions whether you are introvert or extrovert

If you are an introvert and are working and living on your own you maybe find this current situation is suiting you and helping you be productive, the opposite may come into play for extroverts and this may be problematic  !! 

Introverts are usually happy with solitude whereas extroverts need to feed off the crowd socially, of course, the workplace is usually a mixture of both behavioural types

As an introvert you may still need to attend some meetings of the online variety and may need to adapt your introvert approach to extrovert for the purpose of the online meeting, these meetings are a breeze for extroverts and feed their natural energy however introverts can find this challenging

An introvert can be reserved and quiet, even misunderstood but PLEASE don’t confuse this for anti-social, that’s a completely different thing and often wrong so how does an introvert prepare or adapt for an online meeting? that’s easy anyone can, you just need to find your own formula via a proven strategy or methodology, that’s whether Innermetrix UK come in, we can raise your awareness and give you the tools do this and make the uncomfortable feel comfortable.

For example, how does a low practical decision maker or finisher of tasks, raise the speed of making decisions or finishing tasks? that’s easy!!

Put it this way if this type of person was late for a flight to go on holiday, I’m quite sure they could “adapt” their behaviour to decide and act quicker to catch that flight! Of course, they would, anyone would!!  So, therefore, in principle, we can change our behaviour temporarily to suit from introvert to extrovert and vice versa!

You just need to know how, as coaches and mentors we do this daily to help people cope with the rigours of life, get in touch with Innermetrix UK now to find your winning formula !!!

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