How are introverts and extroverts coping in lockdown

Introverted behaviours ie people who have a preference for less people interaction or will be quieter than extroverted behaviours will be more suited to the lockdown and more comfortable to operate with less interaction studies show. Extroverted people will have found the lockdown more of a challenge if faced working remotely with less than normal […]

How to positively return to work after lockdown

The last few months have been challenging for us all and we have had to make extreme adjustments, we now live in a different world with unanswered questions about our future. safety and your wellbeing is a priority. Night always follows day, we need to get back to some sort of normality inclusive of our […]

How to keep yourself positive and motivated during lockdown!

How are we all coping during this lockdown? It is important that we look after ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, you must remember to be kind to yourself. At Innermetrix UK we believe this is a good time to form some wellbeing habits that can stay with you and serve for when we return to […]

Why Do People Behave In A Certain Way?

Why do people behave and make decisions differently? What decisions are made when expressing behaviour?  Anger happiness, sad etc Decision making is a process where three dimensions come into play, emotional ,  practical , & systemic thinking and at Innermetrix we go deeper into the decision-making process normally assessing 6 dimensions of thought have a […]

Self Analysis: Being The Best Version Of You.

Understanding yourself is the most ideal method for recognising what your abilities are, allowing you to concentrate on the areas that will enable you to make progress in your life. Essentially, looking closely at yourself implies thinking about your attitude, likes, aversions, inclinations and motivations. Self-analysis causes you to reflect on where you are in […]